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Rediscovering Hope During a Senior Health Crisis

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Rediscovering Hope During a Senior Health Crisis


As you mature or age, your health tends to decline. You begin to feel lots of changes insofar as your overall well-being is concerned. You could be experiencing vision or hearing loss. Pain could be felt in numerous areas of the body; that kind of pain that does not just go away. Walking small distances could already be a tall order, pausing every now and then to catch your breath. Your joints feel sore and slowing down is fast becoming your new lifestyle. With all these changes, you may think that nothing good comes with aging.

If these medical and physical conditions take over, then you should brace yourself for more challenges coming your way. A life far more difficult with a higher chance of developing an emotional condition lies ahead. There are so many medicines to take, lab tests to go through, and all these changes go beyond monetary cost. These can all be complicated with depression, anxiety, or probably even both.


The Connection

According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. “… 60 percent of older adults have or have had two or more chronic conditions. Their common chronic conditions include heart disease, cancer, chronic bronchitis or emphysema, stroke, diabetes mellitus, and Alzheimer’s disease.” This has not waned despite modern science and medicine. Though longevity has been extended and the quality of life greatly improved with aging, it cannot be stalled. Everyone must eventually face it. In time, people will need to face the physical weakness and multiple medical conditions that go with aging.

Physical and emotional health are connected. This underscores the importance of aging well in your advancing years. You could become vulnerable to medical conditions, which in turn leave you prone to depression and anxiety. With these emotional conditions, achieving wellness, in terms of timely diagnosis and treatment, can be delayed. When this happens, the consequences can be unfortunate, as you become more susceptible to disabilities and even premature death. Thus, your emotional health is as important as your physical well-being.


The Bandwagon of Those Struggling

There is evidence that a demographic shift is already happening. The human population is aging. Children younger than five years old are being outnumbered by the population of seniors. This shift is made possible by the baby boomer’s huge number. According to the World Health Organization, “Between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will nearly double from 12 percent to 22 percent.” You are not aging alone. There are a lot of people experiencing the same thing as you.

The silver lining in this situation is that this shift can cause an increase in the demand. So, the world is now seeing greater effort being given into geriatric research and medicine. Today, more attention is paid to their emotional health. Looking ahead, it is possible that more advances will be available in this area. Considering the number of those not properly diagnosed and treated, a lot of seniors out there can only wonder what a fulfilling life can be. It is time that their emotional well-being is regularly checked, just like what they do for their physical health.


Facts About Aging

Aging is a natural thing, which means that it proceeds even without any intervention. This happens because it is a result of natural cellular reactions. The process can proceed even faster with factors, like pollution and UV rays. Aging also causes changes in a person’s cognitive capacities, increasing their susceptibility to age-related medical conditions. Even when aging cannot be stopped, keep in mind that you can have power over the future of your health and that there is hope.

Aging is something that a lot of people fear. Who wouldn’t? It is a process that can lead to many unwanted outcomes. Aging comes with weakness and medical conditions that may have terrible symptoms and repercussions. It can cause the deterioration of one’s eyesight and hearing. It can also lead to different disabilities. Brain function also generally declines with age, impacting learning, memory and other cerebral functions. These can be exacerbated when having several medical concerns and taking polypharmacy/various medicines.

Aging may also become complicated with emotional issues, such as the “empty nest syndrome,” which can be triggered by the children moving out, so you may now live alone. Solitary living can wreak havoc on your self-esteem, sense of security, and it may trigger social withdrawal and isolation. Financial constraints can also contribute to your difficulty, not having enough money to support your treatments. Losing one’s sense of purpose is not remote when all these issues start cramping your life. All these can leave you more vulnerable to depression and anxiety.


Do You Need Help?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Five percent of seniors 65 and over reported having current depression and about 10.5% reported a diagnosis of depression at some point in their lives.” These figures only confirm what has already been stated earlier. Take note that a significant number of people are not receiving treatment because they remain undiagnosed. Not many seniors realize they are having emotional issues because the manifestations are more physical, rather than emotional signs.

Do you need help? You must seek professional help if you are ‘high risk,’ or you have any of the following triggers for emotional conditions among seniors based on the list provided by the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation:

• Alcohol or substance abuse
• Change of environment, like moving into assisted living
• Dementia-causing illness (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease)
• Illness or loss of a loved one
• Long-term illness (e.g., cancer or heart disease)
• Medication interactions
• Physical disability
• Physical illnesses that can affect emotion, memory and thought
• Poor diet or malnutrition

These are the ten symptoms offered by A Place for Mom that can also be of help. A few of these symptoms may already be enough to seek help:

1. Changes in appearance or dress, or problems maintaining the home or yard.
2. Confusion, disorientation, problems with concentration or decision-making.
3. Decrease or increase in appetite; changes in weight.
4. Depressed mood lasting longer than two weeks.
5. Feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt, helplessness; thoughts of suicide.
6. Memory loss, especially recent or short-term memory problems.
7. Physical problems that can’t otherwise be explained: aches, constipation, etc.
8. Social withdrawal; loss of interest in things that used to be enjoyable.
9. Trouble handling finances or working with numbers.
10. Unexplained fatigue, energy loss or sleep changes.


Hope Flows Eternal

If only you knew then what you know now, you would have changed your past decisions and lived a healthier lifestyle. The effect of experiencing different and numerous health issues on your emotional well-being can cause you to lose hope. Even when your medical conditions are chronic, do not lose hope. There are still ways to prevent the development of depression and anxiety with counseling. You can find help from Carolina Counseling Services – Cameron, NC.

With everything that is happening in your life, you need to take care of your emotional health. Your emotional health is as important as your physical well-being. Your quality of life can be greatly affected if you do not address your emotional issues. With a qualified counselor/therapist independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – Cameron, NC, there is hope. Know that counseling helps you in stabilizing your emotional health. With a healthy body and a sound mind, you can feel good again.

Aging does not have to be a burden. Visit us so you can find the right counselor to help you. This might be the best decision you ever make in your life.

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