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Resolving Behavioral Issues with Counseling


Resolving Behavioral Issues with Counseling


Children can be naturally boisterous. Some of them could be “naughty”. There are also children who can be so excessively rowdy that you may find yourself losing your patience. Is this still considered “normal”? When do you start meting out discipline?

Discipline is the “every-ready” parenting tool that is widely believed to be effective in resolving behavioral issues, particularly on an errant child. This is the backbone of many parental philosophies which many still enshrine as an ultimate tool to make a child “toe the line.” If your child’s behavioral issues, however, cannot be resolved using discipline, what could be next?


Children’s Behavior as a Message

Behavior is a manifestation of what’s in your child’s mind. It isn’t just because they want to make you feel miserable, catch everyone’s attention or scare their peers. Believing that any of these could be behind their misdemeanor, you may decide to use discipline to bring them to their senses. The assumption may sound logical, but that isn’t always the case.

Maybe you child is knowingly being difficult and that they deserve to be punished. On second thought, can’t the waywardness be a message of confusion or struggle from an underlying emotional/behavioral condition? If it is, your use of discipline may not only be ineffective, it may even make the condition get worse or more complicated.

Confused children can exhibit a wide range of behaviors that may run counter to what you may perceive as normal. This is because children lack the understanding of what could be the triggers of their negative feelings – sadness, excessive fear, guilt, anger, etc. This makes reading their behavior challenging. To shed light on your own confusion and to “read between the lines,” it is important to seek professional help.


Reading the Behavior: What’s Between the Lines

Is your child’s behavior normal, or is it a behavioral issue that you need to pay close attention to? Does your child need counseling. It isn’t easy to read a child’s behavior because, aside from having unusual symptoms, there is a thin line separating these two. Children are naturally active, so it isn’t always easy to say when it is approaching misbehavior.

There are certain factors that may influence your child’s behavior. It is generally associated with their age and developmental stage. Toddlers, said to be “terrible at two” are often put in danger because they are eager to explore and curious to discover a lot of things. Their personality can also play a role in their behavior, so that an extrovert child tends to be more rowdy compared to a meek introvert.

For example, grumpiness is common among very young children. Older ones can also be moody when they didn’t get enough sleep or are sick. When they exhibit tantrums with frequency at age 7 or 8, however, the tantrums could be a symptom of a mood disorder. Since distinguishing what can be a normal or irregular behavior isn’t clear among children, a greater accuracy can be obtained with the help of a professional.


The Red Flags to Watch Out For

A child who is constantly misbehaving will catch your attention, but you may ignore their overall behavior, thinking that it is a normal thing for a child. This underscores the importance of knowing the red flag symptoms to be able to recognize them early. What are behaviors you must be on the watch out for? Most of these behaviors are exhibited by most children. What makes them red flags could be if when these behaviors are exhibited with frequency, intensity and irrationality.

Don’t miss the attention-grabbing disruptive behaviors, such as outbursts, rage, and utter defiance. Be keen on non-violent behaviors that may also indicate something’s off – excessive sadness or fear, social isolation and withdrawal, a sudden decline in their academic performance, and loss of interest of things that they used to love. Even mellow manifestations can speak volumes, such as introverted behavior, not saying anything at all, or bottling up strong emotions.


Counseling: Resolving Behavioral Issues the Healthy Way

Is being “misbehaved” just a passing phase or is your child in need of professional intervention? Behaviors can be difficult to assess on your own. You can’t help it if you are biased because he/she is, after all, your child. If there is a reason to be alarmed, however, it is best that they get the help they need from the right source – a therapist independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services — Cameron, NC – on Hwy 87, near Linden Oaks. 

Discipline has its benefits, but it can’t be for your child if he/she is fraught with a behavioral or emotional condition. The right person to decide this may not be you, but an expert therapist with Carolina Counseling Services — Cameron, NC. If the behavioral issues have an emotional cause, it can’t be something they can outgrow. In fact, it can take a worse turn without any proper intervention.


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