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Boosting Confidence with the Guarantee of Confidentiality



Boosting Confidence with the Guarantee of Confidentiality


Are you putting off counseling or therapy because you are worried people will get wind of your emotional/behavioral condition or issues? If this fear is holding you back from seeing a therapist, you must act to remove this roadblock to emotional wellness with haste. The most sensible step is to find a trustworthy, professional counselor who embraces confidentiality in their practice.

Finding a therapist you can trust on your own may take time. Cut corners by seeking help from an practice built on responsible and dependable counseling for two decades and counting—Carolina Counseling Services. Its offices in various areas of NC are meant to bring its services closer to the populace it serves all over NC. The most recently opened office is near your home: Carolina Counseling Services — Cameron, NC, on Hwy 87, near Linden Oaks.


CCS Adheres to the Highest Ethical Standards

Trust in Carolina Counseling Services — Cameron, NC, is well-placed. The respect CCS basks in is a result of over two decades of painstaking journeying, always with a client- centered focus.  The independently contracted therapists at CCS have high levels of education, training, and experience, as well as ethical principles: CCS makes sure that they strictly adhere to the code of ethics sanctioned by the American Counseling Association. In addition, they are obliged to obey the Code of Conduct and the Ethical Principles of Psychologists put forth by the American Psychological Association. LCSWs are also required to observe the NASW Code of Ethics. Thus, protecting your privacy is something you can reasonably expect from your CCS-independently contracted therapist.


Confidentiality: The Value that CCS Advocates

How does CCS hope to continue to maintain its mission of client – centered therapy?

It is by building and keeping trust as the foundation of counseling or therapy. Trust is a value that all CCS offices advocate, including Carolina Counseling Services — Cameron, NC. Preserving your trust is the core reason why the therapists will make sure your information and records do not get into the wrong hands.

With confidentiality guaranteed, there isn’t anything to stop you from calling CCS-Cameron to book your first session. Sleep well in the knowledge that your private records will never be accessed without your knowledge.


*Please note: exceptions to this are by law, and are the same at any other counseling facility or practice in NC and in most of the US. If there is imminent harm to someone, or suspected child or elder abuse, these must be reported to appropriate authorities.


What CCS Believes In: “Trust Begetting Trust”

CCS enjoys the trust of the general public because this practice has been able to show that trust is both an advocacy and a legacy. In this profession, the only way forward is through trust between you and your therapist.

Trust is the backbone of counseling or therapy. You will benefit from the process if you actively participate in the process, which in turn is driven by trust. You do as you’re told because you trust that your therapist is proficient and has your best interests at heart. This is how trust begets trust. It can work for you as it reinforces hope and drives support and collaboration. It can help you rebuild bridges and reconnect with others, beginning with your therapist.

This is why Carolina Counseling Services — Cameron, NC, on Hwy 87, near Linden Oaks can guarantee that your secrets will remain between you and your trusted therapist.

Serving Areas: Carolina Counseling Services – Cameron, NC

Counties: Harnett County

Areas: Cameron NC, Linden Oaks NC, Sprout Springs NC, Anderson Creek NC, Olivia NC, Pineview NC, Johnsonville NC, Spring Lake NC

Zip Codes: 28326, 28327, 27332, 28394

Rose Thomas, MA, LPC, LCAS, NCC

Specializes in: (Ages 5+) Children, Teens, Individuals, Couples and Families. Anxiety, Depression, ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD, Relationship Issues, Marriage Counseling, Parenting, PTSD/Trauma Recovery, Acute Stress Disorder, Adult Sexual Abuse Survivors, Adjustment Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Bipolar and Related Disorders, Self-injurious/Self-Harm, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Separation Anxiety, Disruptive Disorders, Conduct Disorder, Marital Conflict and Discord, LGBT, Substance Use Disorders
 Insurance: BCBS, Tricare, Tricare Prime, Tricare Select, Extra, Retired, Cash, HSA and FSA accepted (credit cards accepted)
 Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express


Specializes in: (Ages 4+) Children, Individuals, families, PTSD, Trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Adjustment Disorder, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, communication skills, and Parenting Skills, Behavior Management, Life transitions, Family Conflict, Difficulty Coping, Relationship Problems, Depression, Anxiety

InsuranceBCBSTricare, Cash, HSA and FSA accepted and Apple Pay

Credit cards:  


Shirlisa Daniels, MS, LPC, NCC

Specializes in: (Ages 4+) Children, Teens, Adults and Individuals, Families, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Panic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, ODD, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Conflict Resolution and Life Transitions
Insurance: BCBS, Tricare, Cash (credit cards accepted)
 Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

Holly Ring, LMFT

Specializes in: (Ages 7+) Adolescents, College Students, Individuals, Couples, and Families, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma (child and adult, TFCBT certified), Relationship Issues, Coping Skills, Adjustment Disorders, Life Transitions, Suicidal Ideation, Self-esteem, OCD, ADHD, Behavioral Issues, Parenting Skills, LGBTQ
Insurance: BCBS, Tricare, Cash (credit cards accepted)
 Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

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